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Company-specific business reports include Seafax credit appraisal and risk index, historical payment data, bank and trade information, a complete business profile, principals, company history and financial/income statements. Seafax's report management system (My Credit Reports) allows customers to review a list of all business reports ordered in the last twelve months, including a current status and who originally ordered it and giving them one-click access to the latest information.

  • Daily News (First News & Agri-Wire) - These publications provide daily news on significant, late-breaking credit and business-related information including: accounts placed for collection, rating changes, Special Update & Under Review investigations, timely industry news and Flash items. This data is sourced by our analysts and field staff constantly. This information is updated every half hour.

  • Regional News - This publication provides news on the regional distribution market including; significant, late-breaking credit and business-related information as well as accounts placed for collection, reported for slow payment, returned checks, Special Update & Under Review investigations and timely industry news and Flash items.

  • SuperSearch - Available only on this search includes items such as rating changes, bankruptcy filings, past due payments, returned checks and claim placement as well as any story that appears on our FirstNews. SuperSearch allows the user to search up to 5 years past history on any company.

  • CompanyWatch TM - Instant notification via e-mail of news or events for specific, client-registered accounts. Events include rating changes, news items and other SuperSearch result items. Also, you will be notified when an account on your list has a newly updated report or if the account's credit advisement amount has changed.

  • Consultation Services - Access to Credit Consultation Staff for support and advice regarding difficult credit line decisions and day to day credit management issues. Access via a toll free hot line and e-mail.

  • Seafood Industry Reference Guide - The new edition of the Seafax Seafood Industry Reference Guide is now available. This is a phone-book type directory of seafood and seafood-related companies in North America. There are several convenient indexes and an expanded Industry Services section.

  • Qualified Marketing List - Customized marketing list based upon Seafax rating. Companies use this service to locate financially strong companies that can help expand their business.

  • Eureka Marketing Services - Eureka! is the essential sales tool for the food industry, providing detailed profiles on over 15,000 food-related companies throughout North America that are continuously updated by Seafax. Eureka! 5, recently upgraded, has more than 20 search criteria and export capability to help you identify new business leads.

Since 1985, Seafax Collection Services has successfully recovered delinquent debts for thousands of clients because we refuse to take no for an answer.

Our services include:

  • Collection Services
  • Portfolio Recovery Programs
  • Attorney Referrals
Seafax's face-to-face collection approach is well known for its success.
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