Seafax Collections
62 US Route 1
Cumberland Foreside, Maine (ME) 04110

PO Box 15340
Portland, ME 04112

tel 800.777.3533 x3019 • 207.773.3533
fax 207.781.4269

Rich Kelly (x4201)
VP Collections and Risk Management Services
Frequently Asked Questions
Can anyone place a claim for collection with Seafax?   (+)
What will collection cost?  (+)
Why use Seafax Collections?  (+)
How do I place a claim for collection?  (+)
What documentation is needed?  (+)
When do I get my money?  (+)
Do Seafax agents perform personal collection visits?  (+)
When should a claim be placed?  (+)
PO Box 15340, Portland, Maine 04112-9885
t.207.773.3533 • f.207.773.9564 • 1.800.777.3533
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