Seafax Collection Services

Since 1985, Seafax Collection Services has successfully recovered delinquent debts for thousands of clients because we refuse to take no for an answer.

You're owed money. You've made calls. You need to be paid.

When it comes to collecting your money, our success rate is unsurpassed. In fact, we recover debts other agencies claim are uncollectible.

Our services include:

  • Collection Services
  • Portfolio Recovery Programs
  • Attorney Referrals

When we go after payment, debtors respond.

  • Reputation Seafax is known in the industry as the collection company that gets results.
  • Knowledge Major banks, US Trustees and creditor groups trust our collection services to liquidate the receivables of defunct companies.
  • Technology Cutting edge resources speed up the collection process.
  • Unique Seafax's industry leverage commands attention.
  • Bold Seafax's face-to-face collection approach is well known for its success.

Put our power to work for you.

Click here to place a collection claim with Seafax.

Click here to email Seafax for more information on our collection services or call us at 207.773.3533 Our experience and depth of knowledge can be the most powerful tools you can use.

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